Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #10 - Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship

My aim for students to practice digital citizenship is aligned with my aim of encouraging students to be responsible global citizens. Do the right thing and work hard go a long way here. 

Specifically, apply these idea to Vicki Davis' model:
One thing she mentions over at Cool Cat Teacher
is that one instructor cannot be an island. 
It is a process and cannot just be taught by one teacher one time and expect retention.

It must permeate all subjects in all grade levels just like reading, for increasingly it is reading.

All the teachers need to read from the same page here, whether it's using photos and data without giving credit to the source or cavalierly quoting information from an non-credible source. 

Trying the broach the subject without boring the pants of the kids will a challenge, so I might introduce the idea with the Brainpop on Digital Etiquette. 

We're going to have to assure parents that the students' use of technology is necessary, authentic, and safe. I'm hoping 6th grade orientation, permission slips, parent classes and back to school night will be good times to assure them of this.

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