Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #3, Online Video and Image Resources

Have kept a personal blog before, I've often used photos that may or may not have been approved for public use. Oops.

Easily fixed! I pulled the erosion photo from Creative Commons Flickr site, pulled it into Dropbox and uploaded it here.

Since I'm new to it, I have some concerns about Dropbox. I need to learn how to organize content, first of all. I'm not sure it's a panacea for saving student work as those less virtuous might vandalize someone's project. Much better for sharing files with them.

I'm pretty excited about uploading videos to iTunes for student stations using an iPad.   

One of our first semester  TEKS is teaching students about the scientists who experimented with spontaneous generation, an idea unfamiliar to most 7th graders. We'll use video this year to introduce the idea. 

We'll also review graphing during the first unit, and this video could give the students the information. 

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