Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

I knew it was likely, but first off I'm going to need to set up an iTunes teacher account with my SBISD email.  Not sure why the advice is to sync all devices to the teacher laptop - I might prefer to back up to the cloud using the district email so as not to confuse things withe my personal iTunes account. There also used to be a limit on the number of devices that you could manage from one computer. Maybe this has changed, but if not, I might use a T3 Macbook for this separate iTunes account and to sync my devices.  

Once this happens, looking forward to reviewing the SB recommended apps from the Ed Tech site. I love that place, btw. Wonder what happened to the iPod that used to grace the homepage? Maybe a licensing issue?

I'd love suggestions on managing devices.  I already have a locked cabinet where the Macbooks are stored, but wonder if teachers will be provided with a secure way to store and change devices? Surely, with that much invested for all classrooms. 

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